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The Importance of Play

Play is the essence of childhood.  It is pure joy.  Play is also essential to the healthy development of children, and well rounded, well adjusted, successful adults.  The Playful Child believes that play holds the key to treating many mental and physical health issues present in our society today.  

Promoting Play

It may seem odd to have to promote the concept of play.  However, as a society we are seeing a drastic decline in free, unstructured play for children.  Many playgrounds are ghost towns; parents schedule play dates and activities for children.  This removes the need for children to initiate new relationships on their own and become creative and innovative. Preschools and grade schools have cut recess time and free play centers (dress up, blocks, art) in favor of curriculum that focuses on academic drill of reading, writing, and math concepts.  Would you believe it if we told you these same academic skills are taught more effectively through play-based learning, with more lasting and positive effects?  Through play- based learning, children also develop vital social and communication skills.  

The Importance of Play

Make Play a Priority

Adding Play Back into Your Day

Join us as we teach children, parents, families, educators, administrators, and law makers how to enjoy the benefits of play. There truly is no need to separate play and learning because they are one and the same.  Make plans to attend an event or two.  Learn ways to promote play in your home, neighborhood, community, and schools.  Help make play, children, and families a priority!


Did you know that play is essential to the healthy development of your child?  

Learn about the benefits of play and how to provide a play-rich environment in your home.


Play Matters

The concept of free play is becoming extinct in modern-day classrooms. However, many studies show that this is leading to physical and mental health concerns in children and adults. 

Learn more about the importance of play in learning and education and find out tips for bringing daily play into your curriculum.

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