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Perfect for Easter baskets or keeping in a first aid kit!  


Available in Dark Blue, Teal, White (sold out), Dark Grey, Brown


These special little bunnies were made by hand, especially for you.  Soif you get a boo boo, you'll know just what to do.  They hold a little piece of ice, for bumos and burns and such and floopy ears were made for tears, til it doesn't hurt so much.   


These little guys are so much more than rags and thread and glue.  These bunnies came with special prayers to Jesus just for you.  That all your hurts and all your fears can somehow be relieved. Knowing somebunny loves you, you have only to believe. 


And in these times you hold him close, and tell bunny of your woes. He will listen patiently, even if you're all full grown. The final bunny magic, comes absolutely free. Touch his nose to your sweet cheek, for a kiss from Mama B.

Boo Boo Bunnies

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