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Why Volunteer?

Martin Luther King, Jr., said that you only need a heart of grace to serve. Anyone can get involved and volunteer in their community to do wonderful things that will have a continuing impact on the lives of others. Why should we volunteer? There are many great reasons to take the first step or the extra step to be a volunteer.

Why Volunteer?

Help Others

Make a Difference

Find purpose

Connect with the community

Feel involved

Contribute to a cause

Expand your horizons

Explore new interests

Make new friends

Feel better about yourself

St. Francis of Assisi said:

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly

you are doing the impossible.”

The Playful Child Foundation: Healthier Kids Mentally and Physically is a young organization formed to honor the memory of Kade Damian. The first major project of the foundation is to design and build a natural playground in Kade’s memory and in memory of all children gone too soon. An amazing plan is now in place to build this playground in Georgetown, TX, along Country Club Drive. The city’s parks department is assisting, and steps are being taken to design the playground, survey the site, and begin the process of building this park. Fundraising, planning, attending meetings, seeking out the best people to help, and keeping the community up to date with plans, are just a few of the many tasks necessary to undertake a project like this one. Can you help? Volunteers are needed to put these plans in place, and to move forward with building the Kade Damian Children’s Memorial Park. Are you willing to take the first step, or the extra step to offer your help in making this a successful project?

Recently, Jon Stewart confronted Congress in an effort to maintain a program to help pay for the medical needs of 911 first responders. His words spoke of the jobs that the first responders did and challenged Congress to do its job as well. To paraphrase Mr. Stewart’s words,

The tasks necessary to create the Kade Damian Children’s Memorial Park

require courage, grace, tenacity, and humility. Are you willing to donate

your time and effort?

Volunteer today!

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