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Start a Conversation About Grief with a Movie

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

In our last blog post, we suggested books that grieving children and families may find helpful. Today, we would like to suggest movies that can help start a conversation about grief and big feelings. I asked my boys what movies they would suggest that have helped them deal with big emotions and their own grief. This is the list we created as a family. Most of these we have watched over and over again. Many of the movies on this list are about boys and brothers, but I do think they would appeal to girls as well.


Pete's Dragon


The Perfect Game


Big Hero 6

Inside Out

Lion King

The Grinch

Hamilton (The Broadway Musical)

The Shack- Although this one isn't a children's movie, my husband and I recently watched it and found it very moving and relevant for us. This movie is religious and powerful. I think that it did a good job of dealing with many questions and hurts we both have and are still dealing with. My husband, without skipping a beat, said this one when I asked him about movies to add to the list.

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