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"Future Home of Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park" Signs Go Up!

Today after much work, many challenges, set backs, and tremendous amounts of donations of time, treasure, and talent; the "Future Home

of Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park" signs went up! I have waited for this to happen for a long time.

This evening, my husband drove out of our neighborhood on his way to Jujitsu class with our oldest son, and sent me this picture.

I had been told, pending the weather, that The Georgetown Parks and Rec crew would be installing the signs today. Well, guess what? It rained this morning. So, I figured the installation may be delayed. When I headed over to The Playful Child board meeting this morning, I went past the park site to see what was happening. I took this picture.

There was a post in the ground! Yeah! Have you ever been excited about a post? Well, let me tell you what, I was today!

The boys wanted to see too, so, later in the day, we drove to get some lunch and the crew was out working. Guess what? It rained hard about 10 minutes after we passed the crew working to install the signs. Despite the weather, mission was accomplished.

I have heard people say rain is bad luck. I tend to agree with the people who say it is a good omen. A sign that people above are watching over us and sending love on special days.

I won't lie, seeing that sign brought a flood of so many emotions. Happiness, accomplishment, we did it, but also a swift and powerful blow of fresh grief. I never know what will bring a wave of grief. The picture of the signs with Kade's name on them did it. I cried, hard. Just another lesson in how joy and sorrow can and do walk side by side everyday. I miss Kade so much I'm surprised my heart beats sometimes. Seeing that sign with Kade's name and The Playful Child logo, which was created from a picture of my oldest son, along the logos of our top donors was very special. I wish we had space to put the name of every person who has donated. The smallest donations are valued as well. It made everything more real and visible to the neighborhood and community. I see that sign as a promise, almost a contract, with the community that we will accomplish what we set out to build.

There is still much work to be done. Today, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped and supported along the way for making today possible! Thank you for believing in my vision. Thank you for supporting children, families, and our family! Thank you for helping us remember Kade. Thank you for helping us nurture the mental and physical health of children & families by cultivating the healing value of unstructured play in our community!

Would you like to go see the future home of the Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park? The Park will be located at 1306 Country Club Drive in Georgetown, TX. You can learn more about the park & get involved here.

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