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Love & Play

The Beatles famously sang, "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE". When I started this journey after my son Kade died, all I had was love. I knew nothing about starting and running a non-profit, designing a park, raising money, or surviving the death of my child. All I knew was that I wanted to do something for my son Kade and for his brothers who were also grieving the death of their brother. I set out to build a park. A place where people will gather to play, grow, love, and ultimately heal. Grief yearns to be witnessed, yet we often are afraid to give grief time or space. The Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park has been designed to allow grief, love, play, nature, childhood, laughter, family, and community to collide in a beautiful healing space along the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, TX.

Play is medicine for the soul! Laughter, while difficult after a loss, does warm a broken heart. Play gives children an outlet to explore and express what they are experiencing. Play brings people together and builds bridges of understanding and friendship. Through play, support networks are built and communities grow. Play keeps us young and has the power to heal.

It is my hope that the Kade Damian Healing Hearts Park will become a destination for families in the Central Texas area for generations to come!

I invite you to help make this dream a reality by donating today! What a special opportunity it is to donate to building a space that your family will be able to personally enjoy. You will be able to visit and say, I helped build this park!

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