Healthier Kids Mentally & Physically

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Healthier kids: mentally and physically

At the Playful Child Foundation we foster creativity, imagination, problem solving, resilience, communication skills, and total physical and mental health and well-being through play.



A world with happy, health children

We Promote:

  • Less screen time and more creativity through messy and outdoor play; 

  • Open-ended play;  

  • More personal connection through face-to-face communication;  

  • Discovery of the world around you through play, observation, experimentation,  travel, and hands on activity; 

  • Building community to encourage neighborhood play and safety; 

  • The arts: music, theater, art, dance; 

  • Daily unstructured, outside physical activity;

  • Genuine competition with winners and losers; 

  • Healthy risk-taking during play at home, school, and in public. 

"Creating opportunities for children, families, and the community to grow through play"

Build Kade's Park

The Playful Child Foundation was created to honor the playful and joyful spirit of 



Our first major project is the creation, design, and building of a memorial park and playground in Georgetown, TX.  

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Since receiving our official non-profit status in December 2018, over $31,000 has been raised for the park/playground.  In July, 2019 the Georgetown City Council approved 6 acres along the San Gabriel River Trail as the future site for the neighborhood park.  An estimated $500K is needed to complete the project.  


                    are gladly accepted to help accomplish this work of heart.


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